Born In Binary

Gallery ONE Three — Melbourne, 2015

A sculpture symbolic of our extreme present,
the desire to be always connected,
digital & born in binary.

'Born In Binary' Artwork

'Born In Binary'
X 255 mm Y 520 mm Z 274 mm
3D Printed in Glow In The Dark Blue Nylon Polymer

‘Extreme present' is a term describing the addiction to and dependency on, the Internet. It was first used in The Age of Earthquakes, a book which discuss the 'earthquake' that was the Internet and the aftermath of its arrival.

This sculpture is symbolic of the ecstasy and hold a connected existence has on us. The figure is the idealistic female form, representing our eternal search, desire and self selection for perfect digital representation.

Born In Binary was created for and exhibited at the Sculptures Of Melbourne book launch, it was tasked with embodying contemporary sculpture. This work is a collaboration between Jake Stollery & the specialist 3D printing company, kad3D.

To emphasise this new media process and contrast against the classical stone-carved work in the publication, Born In Binary was 3D printed from a glow-in-the-dark material.

Jake Stollery X

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Video of 3D printing in process.

'Born In Binary' Artwork Image Two
'Born In Binary' Artwork Image Three

Photographs of final 3D printed sculpture.

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Image of previsualisation renderin process.

Animated Gif of rotating 3D model.

Rotation of final 3D model.


Images via the talented & beautiful, Matto Lucas.