Search Eternal

Gallery ONE Three — Melbourne, 2014

'MERGING ' Curated By Alex McCulloch — An exhibition of emerging and established artists.

Featuring the works of Adam Cullen, Bill Henson, Howard Arkley, John Olsen, Patricia Piccinini, Tim Storrier, Garrett Huxley, Jake Stollery, Joseph Flynn, Lopo Ekeroth Simoes & David Bradley.

Search Eternal is Jake Stollery's addition to the group show, a collection of projection, digital print, sculptural and jewellery work exploring the desire of eternal youth, beauty and immortality — a trophy of existence.

'Tesselate' jewellery pendant available for purchase, via Shapeways New York.

'Search Eternal' Artwork
'Search Eternal' Artwork

‘Search Eternal’

700mm x 1000mm
200GSM Kodak Photographic Gloss Paper, UV Treated Ink

Edition of 3

'Search Eternal' Artwork In Exhibtion Photo

Presentation layout, within gallery.

'Tessellate' Pendant Jewellery Photo


(DATA IN EXILE Collection)

  • 3D Printed Jewellery
  • Polished Brass Coating

Geometric form and detail is sourced from the 3D scan of a female model's body.


'Parallax Glasses' Photo

'Parallax Glasses'

(DATA IN EXILE Collection)

  • 3D Printed
  • Black Nylon Polymer

Wearable sculptural piece created for the DATA IN EXILE exhibition, part of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival.


'Search Eternal' Exhibition Photo 1
'Search Eternal' Exhibition Photo 2
'Tessellate' Pendant Jewellery Triangular Origin Photo

Visualisation of the 'Tessellate's triangular, geometric origin.

'Tessellate' Pendant Jewellery Rotate Render

3D render & material pre-visualisation of the 'Tessellate' pendant.

'Search Eternal' Projection Photo

Search Eternal (Projection Installation) — Trailer

  • 1080p HD
  • 54 seconds 5 frames
  • 3 x Loop

The full, purchased installation is 3 minutes in duration comprised of unique, non-looping frames.

'Search Eternal' Exhibition Photo 3
'Search Eternal' .gif Animation

Looped Animated GIF for soclial media use.